"A Net to Catch the Wind"
"A Net
to Catch the Wind"

Lachesis Fatali

It really is a fitting name for her. Well, I suppose we all have fitting names. It seems to come with playing a major role in destiny. Kamui, "he who represents the authority of god". Not an uplifting prospect, but he bears the burden and the title with little noticeable strain. Nekoi, "kitten". That's exactly what she is, playful and young, someone I wish had been left out of this stupid war. When I die, Destiny and I are going to have a *long* talk about why she had to get involved in this. Kotori, "little bird". Someone who wanted to do nothing but good for the world, and was repaid with having her feathers tarnished with blood. She'll be another I'll see too when I'm done here. Satsuki, "restless". Another truth, seeing as she explained to us she merely wished to destroy the world out of boredom. My own name, Sorata, the "sky". All fitting names, perfectly describing their bearers and their tasks.
But Arashi is the most fitting.
She is the tempest, a force of nature, pure and simple. Passing through with grace and incomparable power, unafraid and sometimes uncaring. Direct in her approach, unrelenting in her assault. Cold and warm at the same time, her two sides clashing in battle like the summer storms. Passionate in what she believes, fighting with an undying devotion to save a world that she cares for little in the first place. For it seems even a tempest can be caught by fate.
I wish she were that easy to catch for *me*. Hey, not that I'm complaining or anything. I love her for what she is, not for what I wish she could be. Besides, it's great fun to watch her beautiful face twist in annoyance when I provoke her reactions, her black eyes flash in a mixture of amusement and impatience, wondering why I waste my time in this manner. It would think the answer is quite obvious. I've spelled it out to her at least a dozen times. But she just shrugs it away, flowing swiftly out of my grasp and my intentions just like the fickle winds for which she has been named. I cannot hold her for long.
But there is something, supposedly. I remember from when I was a child, a book of fairy tales my mother used to read me. I book so thick I had trouble reaching my small hands around it, carrying the heavy burden to my mother's lap. And she would read to me, for hours on end, each night, always something new and different. And I remember, something. About king who wanted something untouchable, the wind itself, and sought sorcerers from worlds over to make an item capable of doing what he wished. Something so powerful that it could tame the wild strands and currants of air, and gather them together, to be held until undone.
A net to catch the wind.
That's what I need now.

You know, at the end of the X/1999 movie, I almost expected to see all the characters jump back out again and say, "Hey, it was all a joke, no one's dead, here's how the *real* ending goes". Instead, I saw all the characters I had grown to like die, and I swear I could hear CLAMP laughing maniacally in the background. Anyhow, a little clarification here, for anyone who doesn't read mythology anymore, the net that could catch the wind was love itself. Sora doesn't realize that he has the net, and he's already caught her with it. Kind of tragic, but in a warm, fuzzy sort of way :)

Arashi's sleepy, time to leave.
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