Arashi:Why Do You Love Me?
Arashi:Why Do You
Love Me?


Hello!! This story originates from the tender moment shared between X's "most interesting heterosexual couple":- Arashi and Sorata, in Volume 14. I love the scene to bits, so beware! Romanticism is coming your way.....
{Editor's Note}: ~ indicates thoughts and { indicates sound effects I wanted to keep the original punctuations but the site won't recognize the html. Sorry Mamolove. :(
p/s: Listening to "Forever Love" *really* sets the mood.

I move silently towards the main auditorium. Not a soul is around, not a whisper, not a breath. My ribbon occasionally scrapes against my hair, and I absent-mindedly note the length my hair had grown over the past few months.
I finally reach the heavy doors of the auditorium, and with a sigh, I push them open. I know I would find him here.
Sorata is seated in front of the digital map of Tokyo. As usual. And I start walking towards him, as usual. He doesn't know it, but I've always been walking to him. *To* him. To *him*. Each step I take brings me closer to his reassuring presence. But this time, he doesn't seem to notice me. Instead, he is clutching his head with his hands, and a soft moan escapes his lips. I quicken my pace, for I have never seen Sorata like this before. Scared. In panic. Unsteady.
I touch the back of his seat. I should have aimed for his shoulder.
"The Yamanote Line was destroyed ten minutes ago..." Sorata says tensely. He appears to be panicking. "The 109 Building collapsed too, and it's one of the Shibuya kekkais. And even Shibuya Station was damaged," Sorata lets out a sigh, and continues, "The Yamanote Line is one of the keystones protecting Tokyo."
"This sucks," he finally says, and I feel a pang of sadness imagining how many innocent people perished.
"Yes," I reply, not knowing what else to say.
"And, the most frustrating thing is we don't know where the Dragons of Earth would attack next. What's worse, one of them is a Dreamgazer. They would be able to know some of our plans," Sorata says, his thick eye-brows furrowing with agitation.
Seldom does Sorata lose his cool. The last time was during the dreadful encounter with Fuuma. I had never thought that Sorata could be so full of wrath like he was that day. I shudder as I wonder what could have happened if the dark Kamui chose to attack Sorata.
I dread the day that incident would happen.
"Is the Princess still ill?" Sorata asks.
"She's still in her sick bed." I answer.
The man sitting in front of me gives a resignated sigh. "This means we can't predict the next kekkai that would be destroyed..."
I begin to have a sick feeling in my stomach. We are at such a disadvantage now. I hated the way the Angels tormented the Seals: Yuzuriha, Subaru, and most of all, Kamui, were not spared from their merciless torture.
Sorata's next reply interrupts me from my depressed pondering. "Kamui looked troubled and thoughtful after his dream with the Princess... Could something have occurred in that dream?"
I suck in my breath. Again, he amazes me with his empathy. How could he know so much from just a glance? How could he read a person's feelings so easily? Or is it me? Why can't I understand Kamui as well as he does? Is something wrong with *me*?
"What's wrong? You look shocked," Sorata says, his hazel eyes reflecting concern. Again, as observant as ever.
"...I never seem to notice Kamui's emotions," I meekly say, ashamed.
"He's as easy to read as a book," Sorata replies, leaning back as a smile grazes his lips. "Be it when he's happy, or when he's sad, every feeling is evident on his face." He chuckles to himself, "Although that boy seems to think that he has a poker face!"
I let all his words settle in me. Sorata is a special man. This is a man who can understand people so well he's practically reading their thoughts. He's so observant he can always know what another is feeling. And this isn't the first time I have seen this uncanny ability of his. A scene suddenly flashes in my mind...
~If I begged you to eat... Would you eat?~
A question blooms in my head. And I can't hold it any longer.
"Then... do my feelings show too?"
Silence envelopes the hall as the words leave my mouth. Sorata turns to look at me-- he expects to be rebuffed, not this. I'm supposed to glare at him, dismiss him, crush this soothingly private moment between us. But God, I am so tired. And empty. And afraid. Not just for myself, but for everyone.
~For him.~
The horrible things that have transpired are finally taking their toll on me. I want to curl up into a ball and cry. I want to throw away this tough exterior of mine and melt down. I want him to take care of me and not die.
I truly want to know the extent of his ability, so I ask again, "Do you know what I'm thinking right now?" I lean towards him to allow him to look at me-- full frontal view for his sharp and soulful eyes.
"This guy may be silly and frivolous at times, but he is really observant."
My soul freezes over. How does he *do* it, dear God?!
Sorata shifts, and smiles at me, "I must have guessed right." I was too shaken to reply, reeling in fact. How does he do it? The question keeps on ringing in my mind like a mantra. Soon after, I feel... afraid of him. What if he knows my heart as well?
Sorata *must* have noticed me, (why am I not surprised), for he slowly stands up. Leaning so close to him, I had to straighten up suddenly to avoid brushing against him.
"But there is one thing I don't know..."
He sounds so different now, towering over me. And he is using a different tone now-- no longer the impish and mischievous tone, but the smooth, delicate, and *deep* timbre that was his true voice. It is as smooth as silk, and he sounds so.... soulful. I cannot find another word to describe his voice at that moment.
He looks into my eyes, and I can see a trace of sadness in those hazel orbs of his. "What.." he hesitates, " you think of me?"
Dear God. Are my defenses that high that he doesn't know? Am I that cold towards him?
He seems to allow some seconds to pass, as though expecting me to answer. Finally, he bends down towards me, and looks into my eyes, "I love you. I'm not kidding about this matter."
{Crack!} A part of the fortress surrounding my heart breaks into two. I don't want him to feel that way. I don't want him to die. Soul-deep sadness envelopes me as I see how earnest he is.
"I'm saying this... from the bottom of my heart," he continues.
{Crack!} The domes of my fortress crash down.
I clutch my skirt. I have never seen such depth in one's eyes before. Never has one ever allowed me to look so deep. For once, I can read a person's thoughts, laid in front of me like a dusty book for me to read through. Page by page.
I don't want to refuse Sorata. I just want to agree.
~Why are you in love with me?~ I think at him.
"From the moment I met you, my feelings for you have never changed," Sorata says. "And it's my heart's decision... That I pledge my life to the woman I love."
{Crraaack!!} The last beam supporting my fortress gives way, and my eyes glaze over. Hot liquid pours into my heart, and I look at him mutely, my heart shedding tears as I realize the grim fate awaiting him. I love him so much-- it hurts me to the core seeing him so willing to die. What's more, to die for *me*.
~I don't want to lose you, Sorata...~
For once, Sorata seems to have read wrongly. He sighs, asking, "Are my feelings a nuisance to you?"
~Not the way you think. Not the way you think, Sorata.~ What takes place next is something I never thought he would dare do.
Sorata gently holds a lock of my hair, and his thumb gently caresses it. "Am I merely a Dragon of Heaven.... in your heart?" he whispers huskily.
He is standing so close to me now. I dare not breathe, dare not move, and time seem to pass very, very slowly. I vaguely catch the scent of Sorata's body-- masculine, strong, and painfully sexy. I chided myself sharply for thinking of such an indecent thought. My heart begins to beat faster, and I can feel his aura blending into mine. His life-force is that strong.
My senses suddenly flare up to an uncontrollable level as Sorata brings my hair to his lips. Everything in the universe seem to zoom into this very moment, and my eyes grow wide as Sorata assuages my hair with a tender kiss. This time, I do not ask him why he is in love with me. I am hoping his answer would clarify my own.
Not leaving my hair, Sorata huskily says, "But I think.... you're starting to care for me."
Time seem to stand still at that moment. Every single, minute detail of that tender moment burns into my mind-- the feel of his lips on my hair, the gentle way he strokes them, the huskiness of his voice, the caress of his breath against my neck...
I freeze as the shock over Sorata's intimacy engulf me. I stare straight ahead, trying to focus my blinded sight and senses. Of course, all I can see are his broad shoulders and his muscular arms. So strong... I want to lean my head on that shoulder... I want to curl up under those protective arms... I want to save this world for him... I want to spend my life with him-- alive, not dead.
Again, my thoughts end with that grim reminder. I stifle a choked cry and look down to my shoes. I can not bear to see his passionate face now.
I want to cry. ~Why are you in love with me, Sorata?~
Finally, I look at him, and somehow, I realise the function of my vocal chords, and manage to utter, "I...."
Suddenly, Nokoru bursts into the auditorium, and in my shock, I immediately withdraw from Sorata and distance myself as far away as possible. you.~ Ah, but it doesn't count if you don't say it, Arashi.
I begin to feel very hot, and I can sense my face turning rose red from the tender moment we had just shared. I stare at the wall. Must not allow anyone to see me in this state.
I can hear Nokoru apologizing to Sorata. And that monk actually has the nerve to say that I must be grateful for the interruption. How dare the idiot admit it to the detectives. My face must be redder than a tomato now.
Murmurs gradually fill the auditorium as Sorata and the detectives become serious and start to discuss a way to predict the next attack. After a few minutes, when I was sure that nobody was looking at me anymore, I turn to look at him.
He arches his eyebrows at one of the detectives' remarks. He leans heavily on his palms to scrutinise the data on the computer screen. He speaks seriously to the guys, and they seem to regard him with growing respect as they discover his knowledge and intelligence.
Suddenly I see Sorata in a different light. From this perspective, as I silently observe him, I realise what a wonderful man he is-- strong, powerful, deceptively forceful.
And gentle. I remember the way Sorata caressed my hair, and I reenact the scene by holding them. A wave of sadness washes over me as I realise the fate awaiting us and the other Seals. As I sadly twirl my hair with my fingers, I think of the end of the world. Things would turn ugly in the near future.
~But he loves me....~ My heart whispers back. And I cannot change his heart. What follows is my realization that he is meant for me, just like what Kaede-san foretold: "You will meet a very special person who will love you with all his heart, Arashi-chan."
I know Sorata is a very special person.
And I love him back.
I begin to smile to myself as I accept our fate. I will do everything in my power to be together with Sorata, in this life or the next.
This time, I like my reasoning.
I stroke my hair, as though they became gold after Sorata's touch. Such an emphatic man. A smile tugs at the corners of my mouth. What a silly guy, being able to know what other people felt, but unable to feel the *strongest* emotion meant for him alone. I am sure he can read me, of all people. I will make sure of that.
I begin to walk to Sorata again

Author's Notes: I hope you enjoyed this story! I really hope that more things would happen between Arashi and Sorata *grin*, so CLAMP, plllllleaaassssee give this dynamic duo more manga pages! Right guys?

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