In the Stars
In the Stars

Arashi Kishu-Kakushi No Miko


AN: This is an AU! Meaning it has NOTHING to do with the real storyline. It’s mostly centered on Sorata and Arashi. Disclaimer: I don’t own X.

~*MT Koya*~

Five year-old Sorata Arisugawa sat on the old Stargazer’s lap watching the stars. It has been 2years since he found Sorata left in the woods. The Stargazer knew that Sorata was special and had extraordinary power within him. He knew that Sorata’s power will have to be used for something in the future. But what? That part was still cloudy to him. As for Sorata…well he thought the Stargazer was just and old fart, but was thankful that he bothered to take care of him. They would do this every night.

“Sorata…It’s time you know your destiny. I see it in the stars.” The star-gazer said.


“Your destiny is to give your life for the woman you love. And for the future.”

“EWW! Girls are icky!” little Sorata said running back in the temple.

The Stargazer sighed.

“He will understand when he gets older.”

Sorata drifted off to sleep thinking about what the Stargazer said.

In his dream…

There was a girl about his age with long black hair and glimmering purple eyes. She was wearing a silk lilac kimono. He watched her laugh and play with her friends…

Then he abruptly woke up in confusion before slowly drifting to sleep.

~*Kishu Kingdom*~

Five-year-old Princess Arashi was spying on her parents talking.

“I can sense Arashi’s power. It’s beginning to grow fast.” Her father said.

“Yes the dreamgazer Hinito said that when she turns 16 a battle will come and break the peace. She also says that Arashi has a sacred sword inside of her.” Her mother said looking worried.

Arashi went back to her room making sure no one saw her.

“A sword?” she said to herself.

“Inside me?”

With that thought Arashi fell asleep.

Her dream…

A boy about her age(yes it’s Sorata) watchng the stars…

~*11 years later*~

Sorata had just turned 16 and was setting off to find her. He had watched her grow up in his dreams and fell n love with her. Now he was setting off to find her and fulfill his destiny. The Stargazer waved his goodbyes and wished him good luck. Sorata walked into the woods letting his heart guide him.

Chapter 1

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